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Your Own Kool Sound



Hammond's glory                    A better song

Irony                            All what we need

Love and adore                    It's over now


A better song      All what we need      Love and adore      It's over now








The world is spining round  

ever since I kissed the ground

my eyes are wide

you cannot hide










--->  NEW - NEU - NUEVO - NOUVEAU  -<---

You can order the official Tone Yoks cd            

commandez le CD officiel TONE YOKS

A 22 tracks album

22 titres

Brand new 2006 reccordings

enregistrements frais de 2006

Personal edition limited to 10 examples

so be the first to make your dreams come true

edition personnelle limitée à 10 examplaires, soyez le premier à réaliser vos reves

-->Price:                            prix

   -a wise saying                    - un proverbe sage

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Pick one of these options    choisisez une de ces options



Then send your request at

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Et envoyer votre demande à

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if your brain had a mind abortion, if you are in need of inspiration,

those sounds taste good, they'll take you out of the wood:


Alvin lee  

 Andy Summers   

Angus Young

BB King

Brian may

Chuck Berry

David Gilmour

Django reinhardt

Eddie van halen

Eric Clapton

Frank zappa

Jimi hendrix

Jimmy Page

Joe Satriani

John Lee Hooker

Keith Richards

Kirk hammett

Kurt Cobain

Mark Knopfler

Muddy Waters

Paul Kossoff

Ritchie Blackmore

Robbie Kreigger

Steve Vai

Otis Redding

Wilson Pickett